The mobile development team at SOFTECH has built its reputation for the successful completion of several complex mobile applications. As our customers say, the mobile development team nowadays is essential for any digital business or digital project. The advantages of working with a mobile development team from Cluj-Napoca will be described below.

What Makes a Mobile Development Team Proficient?

Commited to excellence, SOFTECH is constantly striving to increase the expertise level of the entire mobile development team from Cluj-Napoca. Mobile development proficiency equals to correctly understand the roles within the mobile development team, to correctly design the processes of constant technology updating and learning and to have the right business motivation.

#1 Highly Skilled Mobile Development Team members

The Visionary of a mobile development team

Each mobile development project has a so called visionary – impersonated by the Project Manager, the Consultant or the Porduct Strategist who will actually lead the mobile development team. The skills required for the role range from target industry in-depth knowledege, business acumen, people management and profieciency in mobile devlopment technologies. The person may be located in the customer team or within SOFTECH team.

The Designers of a mobile development team

Next, the mobile app designers take the vision and the availabale documentation in order to draw the navigation mechanics and the structure of the application. After the navigation planning, the designers of the mobile development team take on the UI/UX requirements and will deliver the look and feel of the mobile application for specific platforms or for crosplatform hybrids. At SOFTECH we think that the assigned design team must be agile, adaptive and versatile.  The designer may be part of the customer team, of SOFTECH team or of a third party team – depending on the Human Resource availability and expertise required.

The Developers of a mobile development team

The developers or mobile engineers will further continue the implementation fo the UI/UX layouts in a real functional mobile app. Should we develop a native mobile app or a cross-platform app there are different skillsets that must be met.

When the mobile development team has to build an app for Android, iOS or windows phone the mobile engineers will have to master the specific programming languages of the platform as follows:

  • Android mobile apps: Java, Kotlin
  • iOS mobile apps: Objective-C, Swift
  • Windows Phone apps: C#

When the mobile development team has to make a cross-pltaform application, new skills are required:

  • Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap) framework requires HTML, CSS, JS skills
  • Xamarin platform necessits C# proficiency
  • React Native framework calls for JavaScript knowledge

The QA experts of a mobile development team

Nothing shall pass to the release-to-market phase without accurate testing and quality assurance criteria compliance. Naturally, nowadays agile development and the pressure of DX forces to faster testing procedures and improvements plan. The mobile development team who has a skilled quality assurrance pool will definetely deliver better quality and be more effective during the overall mobile development process.

#2 Exceptional Exercise of Scrum and Agile Development Methodologies

At SOFTECH, our mobile development team and not only, have been practicing agile development methodologies and scrum since its beginings. To innovate quickly also implies to have a reliable work discipline. Fro the product back-logs, the cross-functional team, the sprints, the almost agressive communications and the frequent review of results, the mobile development team has as main purpose to quickly improve and release a high-quality mobile app.

#3 Understands Busineess as a Priority

The winning mobile development team is the one that understands the Big Picture surrounding the customers mobile application. It should not be for the sake of the technology that an app is built, but for the goal of serving the  businesses and the organizations that demand its initial development. The exclusive tech talks have their relevance, yet the mobile development team must be the partner of the product management team. The greater the overall benefits of a project, the greater the rewards for all the stakeholders will be, including the mobile development team.

#4 Delivers the Complete Mobile Development Lifecycle

SOFTECH’S mobile development team has a systematic full lifecycle approach. In other words, SOFTECH team is capable to cover all the stages of the development for any mobile application that we are building:

Discovery -> Design -> Development -> Testing -> Deployment -> Feedback -> Maintenance

For the mobile products experts and managers, this is an important advantage. It translates into greater product reliability, continuous quality improvement,  higher overall security and better service due to its technical maintenance.

#5 The Mobile Dev Team Is Cross-Platform Development Oriented

In the context of digital transformation emergencies, developing native only applications for only one of the available paltaforms is already a narrowing path. The logic is now to think cross-platform, design cross-platfrom and build cross-platform because in the end you will eant you mobile app to be available across users, markets and platforms.

A mobile development team able to handle your cross-platform development will save money and time.

#6 The Mobile Development Team Has a Proven Track Record

We know that skilled people may quickly integrate into one functional team. But we also know that a fully effective mobile development team is in place when the members have already passed through the Caudine Forks. For that reason, we are proud to count at SOFTECH mobile engineers who are working together for several years and are shifting roles within a cross-platform development, across the full mobile development lifecycle. Feel free to ask fopr recommendations from our customers and clients. \

The main asset of any mobile development team is the reference protfolio they can bring on a specific topic and make use of the experience to develop new mobile solutions and new mobile apps.


Mobile application development is already an essential part of complex applications development. Mobile technology, wearable technology, smart living technologies require specific application development.

Our mobile development team’s competencies cover all the components of mobile applications development: front-end development tools, back-end servers, security add-on layers, system software and mobile app testing.

Front-end development is centered around the user interface and user experience (UI-UX). It mainly propvides the following abilities: UI design tools, SDKs to access device features, cross-platform features

Back-end development implies integration with back-end systems, user authentication-authorization, data services and reusable business logic

Security add-on layers due to BYOD policies there is an increasing necessity to layer atop the existing apps and platforms. The mobile development team deals here with data encryption, app wrapping, reporting and essential statistics.

System software is often debated for the importance of application performance and user experience. The existing platforms provide a wealth of choice for the mobile development team.

Mobile app testing, as described above in this section, make use of emulators (like Google Android Emulator, Android SDK Emulator, MobiOne Developer, TestiPhone, iPhoney) and afterwards are submitted to field testing.

Mobile development is already an essential part of application development.

Mobile technology, wearable technology, smart living technologies require specific application development.


native, crossplatform

Mobile technologies

enterprise applications
industrial applications



Wearable Technology

health applications


home, public, car

Smart Technologies

home automation
car automation

Softech has been working on mobile applications for the main and for the newest operating systems.



Windows Phone

Softech develops mobile applications with the following programming languages and technologies:

Objective C.

iOS SDK, CoCoa


Android SDK, J2ME, BlackBerry SDK


Windows Mobile SDK, OpenNetCF, Symbol Mobility SDK, Platform Builder, .Net CF 3.5

HTML5, CSS, Java Script


Mainly focused on enterprise and industrial mobile applications, Softech is ready to provide exquisite services across the entire mobile development cycle.