Today and tomorrow, SOFTECH software development company’s representatives are attending the 15th edition of R2B On AIR 2020 – the Innovat&Match Brokerage Event featuring Virtual 1:1 business & tech meetings. Organized by ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory from Italy in in cooperation with the Emilia-Romagna Enterprise Europe Network partners of the SIMPLER Consortium. About 1182 meeting are scheduled for the 10, 11 and 12 of June 2020!


The participants: A total of 682 participants are at this point registered in the platform. A number of 245 private companies, 36 universities, 22 Research and Development Institutions, 24 Associations, 188 clusters, 21 Innovation Promotion Agencies 29 Research Centers and laboratories from 41 countries are present at the virtual event. Start-ups are also present with a total number of 66 entities.

The content: This year’s R2B On AIR agenda includes 8 live talks, 230 on demand contents, 170 speakers.


The main topics of the R2B On AIR Conference are Blue Growth, Digital Growth and Sustainable Growth. Each main topic is split into multiple subtopics that respond to our current European and global questions.

  • The Blue Growth  topic covers projects and research on marine renewable energy, maritime surveillance, fishing and aquaculture, blue biotechnologies, coastal and maritime tourism, leisure boating, yachting and cruising, O&M and decommissioning of O&G platforms and port infrastructures.


  • The Digital Growth includes a broader array of projects: Big Data for industry and service, Industry 4.0 & IoT, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Freight transport & Logistics, Digital and Advanced manufacturing, Automation and Robotics, Assistive and collaborative robotics for health, Ambient assisted living, Hospital 4.0, Digital Health & Wellness, technologies for digital culture, advanced design & Digital craft technologies, X-reality, E-learning, Multimedia, Digital transformation in tourism, Blockchain for digital local communities, BIM – Building Information Modeling and digital transformation in Construction and Real estate industry.


  • The Sustainable Growth topic tackles subject of interest in the following areas: low carbon economy, Sustainable development, ecosystem services, climate change, Innovation in Construction and Cultural heritage management, energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings, Affordable and clean energy, efficient, sustainable and smart engines, Circular economy, advanced materials and nanotechnology for eco-friendly applications, sustainable and precision farming, quality, safety and traceability in processes and products, depolluting air, water and soil, sustainable packaging,  product innovation and sustainability for the fashion industry, urban regeneration and reactivation and light weighting.


SOFTECH,  as a technology-driven innovative software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania active on the global market is present on the R2B Marketplace with full-stack development and DevOps competencies, with a great expertise in complex industrial software development projects, with IoT development services, Artificial Intelligence development offering and solutions for digital and advanced manufacturing.

  • Our main competencies fit best the digital growth solutions that can also serve projects from blue and sustainable growth.
  • We are interested in setting up long-term cooperation for the development of robust, high-quality software solutions and applications.

Learn more about Cluj-Napoca as a Software Development Center

Cluj-Napoca is the rising technology hub of Europe. Often compared to the new Berlin, or the new Silicon Valley, Cluj-Napoca includes an active IT and software development community. SOFTEH as a software development company from Romania, has been on the market since 1998 and has gone through all the stages of a post-communist country looking to open up his market to the global spectrum.

According to our latest market research a number of 1330 companies declared to have as main business activity: custom software development in Cluj-Napoca, employing about 16000 software developers. Read the first part of the Market Report here.

Get In Touch With Us!

Should any the competencies above be of interest for your project and you need a reliable partner from Cluj-Napoca, Romania we invite you to contact us either via the b2b matching platform of R2B on AIR of directly via our official web page.