SOFTECH attended the virtual IoT, AI & Robotics salon of SIDO 2020 – known as the largest European showroom dedicated to IoT, AI and Robotics. Designed to support the development of technological ecosystems and to promote the convergence of technologies, SIDO 2020 welcomed more than 300 exhibitors in a hybrid format – a mix between virtual and live events. Since SOFTECH is actively interested to further cooperate on complex IoT, AI and Robotics projects, we found this event a very resourceful for our development team.

The IoT, AI an Robotics Background

As a rationale for this unusual conference, the SIDO team emphasized that there will be an estimated 36 billion connected objects worldwide by 2030. Apparently the IoT market is expected to flare since according to Bearing Point stats the global IoT spending is expected to reach €920 billion in 2022, reaching an average annual growth rate of 11% over 2019-2022.

For the AI pillar, according to Statista analysts, the global artificial intelligence market, calculated at $4.8 billion in 2017, is forecasted to grow ten times until 2022-2023, and estimated to a revenue value of $90 billion in 2025.

Asa for the robotics, according to Idate, the number of active service robots worldwide will reach 264.3 million by 2026, with an impressive average annual growth rate of 24%.

Topics of SIDO 2020

During the 70 conferences and workshops, a wide array of IoT, AI and robotics themes and challenges took the center stage. It was interesting to analyze how innovation brings service to various industry processes, to understand how tech companies can be more energy-efficient and to have an overview of what type of IoT apps to use during COVID-19.

From a legal approach, pertinent reflections about the future IOT/AI company in the context of intellectual property management were outlined.

On the technical side, the subject of preparing the technological infrastructure for the deployment of immersive technologies in order to integrate augmented, virtual and mixed reality projects in the workflow of a company stirred attention. Practical workshops on the best practices on industrials projects on Azure IoT & Edge from Microsoft, or how AutoML can helps datascientist deliver faster results and how processes can be optimized with Human Enhanced Machine Learning were also on top choices.

Edge IoT architectures, secure edge computing, scaling IoT systems and the upcoming 5G revealed the challenges of the IoT sector. Debates around the impact of connected objects over the viability of any IoT turned out to generate unexpected ideas and stream of thoughts.


Given the current contex, SOFTECH has remotely attended the event, mainly via the matching platform and the virtual seminars and workshops. Our offering targets mainly the development of complex industrial IoT projects and the integration of AI technologies in various fields of application. The integration of service robots in the production flow is also something that we see is becoming a new norm; therefore, we are ready to undertake the programming for this type of projects too.

For a more friendly talk on these topics, feel free to contact us directly and present your project ideas or requirements. We trust to be able to answer you with appropriate software design and full life cycle development, should it be the case.