WomenTech, the global network, is currently hosting one of the largest virtual tech conference for women, minorities and their allies in science and engineering. WomenTech Global Conference 2020 has started on the 10th of June and is closing today, the 12th of June with an amazing online audience!

Main Theme and Key Tracks  

This year’s theme of WomenTech Global Conference 2020  – Being Human in Times of Disruption, Technology and Innovation –  is in relation to the future of Work, the COVID-19 Aftermath, Technologies with Impact and the way in which tech innovation and disruption are driving change in the world. Very complex and generous themes, nicely covered by an impressive team of speakers.

The main three tracks were: Work (R) Evolution, Tech Innovation, Purpose, Humanity & Collaboration.

The 2020 Challenge: To Bring Together a Network of 100.000 Women In Tech

The challenge of the network was to bring together for the first time 100.000 women from the tech sector from the world to work online and discuss in a virtual environment about what is more relevent in uncertain times, to broaden their technology horizons and expand their professional network.

#WTGC 2020 featured tech professionals, industry innovators, and more than 2500 WomenTech Network Ambassadors – among which we also count Mrs. Diana Ciorba, our dynamic Marketing Manager at SOFTECH software development from Cluj-Napoca Transylvania, and a beautiful network of 300 speakers from around the world. The speakers are high profile women in tech, including technologists, scientists and leaders at Amazon, Founder Institute, Google, Harvard, IBM, Microsoft, Netflix, Stanford, Twitter and many other well known companies.

The virtual event platform was ran on modern technology provided by Hopin and offered plenty of networking opportunities in a time of social distancing. Interesting new ways to connect are brought forward by the WomenTech Network and it was really interesting to see the great vibe that a well prepared event may offer.

A session that brought our attention was the Technology de:coded series where the topis of Microservices, NOSQL, Tech Debt, APIs, Infrastructure, Open Source, Fullstack vs the rest, Scaling Tech, Drupal / WordPress, Symfony, Micro Frontends were debated.

SOFTECH Towards A Diverse and Inclusive Tech Community

In line with local national associations  and the WomenTech Network, our team at SOFTECH is working towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. Some of the great promoters of this movement are: Airbnb, Apple, Avanade, Coca-Cola, DHL, Financial Times, Skyscanner, Soundcloud, The World Bank, Uber, Ubisoft, VMware, and many more.

Our SOFTECH team in Transylvania, Romania has a strong women presence in the team (more than 30% of the total members). Nevertheless, what is important to us is that we work all together as a united team of developers and experts.


SOFTECH, is a technology-driven innovative software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, active on the global market. Full-stack development and DevOps competencies, expertise with complex industrial software development projects, dedicated teams, European business culture and the ability to fine-tune any cooperation describe SOFTECH’s 22+ years of cooperation with leading global companies. SOFTECH provides software development and near-shoring services with a special focus on rapid prototyping, mobile development, cloud development, IoT development, Artificial Intelligence development and IT Outsourcing.

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