Software Development in Cluj area is a major field, both in terms of its importance and of its attractiveness. If you are a graduate of science, technology, engineering or mathematics and are considering a career in software development in Cluj, our team can provide you a few tips on why it is a good choice. Taking into account that software development in Cluj is a crowded job market, you need a good radar to know how to break through and match your profile.

SOFTECH has been on the software development in Cluj market since 1998. Yes, that is two decades in the fastest developing industry in Romania and in Europe! On these grounds, we can say that our colleagues know what is the catch to work in software development in Cluj!

#1 Good Lifestyle in a Vibrant City

In the most essential respects, living and working in software development in Cluj-Napoca gives you the chance to enjoy a good life in the city with the greatest number of young people in Romania. Due to the existing 11 universities, the number of students and young graduates is impressive, leading to a percentage of 25% youth of the total population.

The weekly cultural and sport events or festivals, gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy life and friendship. The wealth of company perks and wellness vouchers offered to those who work in software development in Cluj-Napoca is catchy or even a deal sealer.

At SOFTECH, for example, you will find a cool fun and outdoorsy community, always on the move, always up to something.

#2 Possibility to Grow in the Software Development Branch

Once you start a career in software development in Cluj area as a programmer or a software tester, you can grow in the initial company or in the branch. Since we are speaking of a profession where daily learning is a must, the constant technology updates and methodologies redefinition provide a fertile terrain to evolve.

For software project managers, software architects and technology gurus, Cluj-Napoca is currently probably one of the most rich environments to exert their skills and talents in software development. Cluj area is on a positive economic and social trend and it seems to be set up for big things.

Being required to learn every day can be very exciting. At SOFTECH we value this a lot and it’s up to you to take on this behaviour.

#3 International Business Landscape

Software development in Cluj means you are working either for a local company delivering software solutions and services for the global market, either you are working in a multinational company with its own software products and solutions, or a mix of both. In both cases, as a software developer you are on the international arena.

Foriegn languages is a must in software development in Cluj. English, German, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian or any other language will be for sure one of your daily working languages. So better prepare for this with solid English skills at first, and secondly choose a third language according to your target future collaborators.

At SOFTECH we are living this poli-linguistic landscape daily, on each software development project, and we can say that international language fluency pays off!

#4 Coding is Social

Truth be told, programming is NOT the only job in which you may work alone 8 to 10 hours at your computer! Everyone already woking in software development knows this, and you should be also aware of it. Software development in Cluj, as everywhere across the planet is done by People, with People, for the People.

You may interact live with your local or distributed software development team or you may discuss over the internet. Sometime you may participate to common trainings, sometime you may simply comment on someone’s code, but the idea of interaction and co-participation exists across each project.

We may star other people’s repositories on GitHub, comment, open an issue or submit requests to improve a specific work, done by somebody else, out there on the planet.

We know that coding is a social activity and at SOFTECH we put a high value on social skills, but know how to integrate lone-wolves too!

#5 Consistent Pay and Employee Benefits

Probably, when hearing all the bragging about a career in software development in Cluj you will definetely pop on the good money, great benefits paradigm. The good news is that, Yes, we may confirm that money is enough and benefits are in place in most of Cluj-napoca software development companies, but please also be careful with what you compare and what your lifestyle objectives are!

The software development in Cluj field compared to other business fields available in Cluj-Napoca (services, tourism, manufacturing, industriual production, etc.) is a correct and positive working field, very much influenced by peer European and US software development communities. Professional expectations are high, but rewards are also at the required level.

Our SOFTECH employee package is quite nice and appreciated by our long-term team members.

#6 Creative Profession

Software development is a creative activity with its own routines. Software development in Cluj is also a creative arena on the long run. Writing a new programme and experimenting with new technologies is fundamentally an intellectual activity that involves learning, researching, mental projection and structuration of abstract concepts.

Even if software development is not like visual design, performing arts or plastic arts, you can become a rockstar in your own field and turn your work into something genuinely interesting and useful!

#7 Magic Can Happen

Software development in Cluj is barely blossoming. Looking ahead, one can say that this software development center will reach maturity in the next decades. Therefore, when you have the right skills, the right talent and an awesome software product or solution idea, let the magic happen!

Go indie, start programming, propose your project to your team, to an investor and you may find yourself with an app launched on the market!

At SOFTECH we appreciate software engineers capable to launch a project idea, a software solution and than start developing it. It is part of creating value to the current services, always taking into consideration the overall business context.

In a nutshell, if all the above reasons to start a career in software development in Cluj-Napoca convinced you to give it a go, feel free to send us your CV at