Yes, Covid19 might have changed the way we interact but holidays spirit is still alive among the members of SOFTECH Romania, a top software development company from Cluj-Napoca. As any team activity taken during 2020, celebrating Santa moved to the virtual space as well, as most top development companies from Romania did too. If you wonder how is that even possible, well we have a nice tale to tell.

How much of the traditional Santa celebration was kept?

First of all, we must be aware that our top software development teams from Romania are now spread across the territory, mostly living in Transylvania.

In our culture celebrating Santa – in Romanian “Moșu’ “ or “Moș Nicolae” and in Hungarian “Mikulás” – is one of the dearest traditions. According to the tradition kids used to prepare their shiny boots and count down all the good acts they did during the year so that Saint Nicholas rewards them with goodies and toys, plus a “Santa stick” for all their bad deeds.

When we could be all together in the office building, at the company we used to meet and wear Santa colors – red and white, and to play the secret Santa game. Probably this was something any top software development company from Romania used to do. But as an extra, for the kids of our colleagues families we used to have a cookie cooking session, where they were making ginger breads for the upcoming Christmas days. Such nice memories!

This year though, we have shifted to a collective online meeting on Teams, with all our 122 colleagues and made funny pictures in the preset amphitheater. Yep! we are quite a bunch of people now at SOFTECH and it makes even more sense to keep being connected and roaming virtual greetings at any occasion.

How do we cope with the covid19 situation in Cluj-Napoca, Romania during these holidays?

Let’s say we consider ourselves among the lucky ones. SOFTECH was ranked among Europe’s fastest growing companies based on its 2019 results. In such context, we have entered the pandemic year in a good market position and we were very prompt to respond to the work-from-home national policies. The physical distance among the team has increased, nevertheless we tried to keep our connection tight through the virtual meetings and projects.

What is essential to bear in top of mind, is that we, as one of the top software development companies from Cluj-Napoca, Romania we are committed to be a role model for navigating through the pandemic. Each process can be adjusted to the occurring exterior conditions, and our more than 22 years of history on the international software development market is the proof that we can adapt to any given condition.

Enjoy the holidays and code on!

As a conclusion, since travels are restricted, visits are limited and we need to keep this covid19 numbers under control in our city and home region, we will stick close to our families and work over the winter period to bring more beautiful and high quality software to our customers!

There is a saying in Romanian – “Fă rai din ceea ce ai!” – that is “Create your own heaven from what you have got!”. Therefore, if you consider that our code can help you build your heavenly product or service, feel free to write us!