Today we bring you fresh news about Transylvanian Software Development communities from our most remote office in Odorheiu Secuiesc | Székelyudvarhely from Harghita County! As the entire country, this area was also put under state emergency procedures to the pandemic, therefore our little Transylvanian software development team is also working under confinement restrictions: home office and social distancing.

Home Office Procedures Are Still In Place Under New Instructions from the HQ

As for our SOFTECH team in Cluj-Napoca, the Odorheiu Secuiesc | Székelyudvarhely team has adopted the home-office procedure at the beginning of March 2020. The infrastructure and readiness of the team was irreproachable and everyone fulfills his / her tasks fluently and with the same responsibility as when working in the business office.

The Hurdles of Life During Confinement Are The Same Across Transylvania

Even if the city is much smaller, living trapped among the same walls for almost two months is as difficult as in other parts of the country. Lucky those who have a backyard are have a little side walk bordered by trees and flowers to get the feel and good vibes of spring in the city.

For families with kids the pressure is higher. They are looking forward for the epidemic wave to flatten and be able to offer their kids more outdoor activities and some alternative educational solutions.

Our Transylvania Software Development Team Grew in Size By Early 2020

As announced earlier this year, SOFTECH team has literally grown by 20% in 2019. Therefore, we entered in 2020 with a total software development capacity of 120 software developers. Cluj-Napoca office onboarded most of the new hire. Yet, some of the new team members are part of our Odorheiu Secuiesc | Székelyudvarhely team and they had a smooth onboarding process due to our HR specialist in the house.

Technology Will Play A Big Part in The New Way Of Doing Business

As our software development team is an organic part of the local community, the collective concerns affects us too. Since the local economy is based mostly on small commerce, building and construction, agrifood, home crafted products and some tourism everyone is looking forward to be able to somehow re-enter in a normal routine, so that everyone can work and put things back on track. Software development teams were less affected by this phenomenon, yet it is important for the economical actors to understand that now technology plays a huge part in the new way of doing transactions, selling and delivering goods.

The Local Community Awaits For Lockdown Relaxation

Obviously, on this front  as on others across Europe, the locals are eager for the officials to announce more relaxed lockdown measures and eventually the total lift up. Since sports plays also a huge role in the active life in Odorheiu Secuiesc | Székelyudvarhely, our software development team is looking forward to be able to go hiking, biking, running or even skydiving from the Fenyed Hills.

This it for the moment. Let’s keep connected and follow us for more information.