Co-creating learning experiences is one of our key traditions at SOFTECH. The Summer Leadership Development Training is part of a comprehensive learning program rolled out over the entire year in our team. This summer we hit a record of 17 rising leaders in our agile software development team.

The What?

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

What is actually happening during the Summer Leadership Development Training is literally building and consolidating the culture of continuous learning.

Yes, we may have had in our little camp a few senior leaders, some midlevel leaders, some frontline leaders or even some active team contributors, but! we all agree that we have to continue learning and re-learning how to lead ourselves and others.

The Why?

The rationale for which SOFTECH invited its rising leaders to the Summer Leadership Development Training can be resumed in three key reasons:

  • Because new challenges ask for new mindset.
  • Because new situations require new knowledge.
  • Because new technologies demand new skills.

The How?

We chose a 2 days out-of-the-city format in a beautiful location near Cluj-Napoca. And, as our company culture stands for, we chose a cozy, little traditional house.

The teams were quickly engaged in strategy games, team activities and changed team roles.

As the good practice demands, we allowed a special time for asking questions. As we all know, it always brings unexpected answers! Therefore, it was!

The Outcome?

Well, as you may correctly assume it, this will stay in the company. J Nevertheless, we are allowed to say that it was really productive and enlightening.

We are glad to have such wonderful people in our team and it is always a pleasure to learn together!

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