SOFTECH, the technology-driven innovative software development company from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania region, Romania, welcomes you at the leading mobile technology tradeshow – Mobile World Congress, in Hall 8.0 (8.0I1) at Romania’s Country Pavilion, at Fira Gran Via, in Barcelona, from February 26 until March 1, 2018.


For our 6th participation at the Mobile World Congress and our 20th company anniversary, we will showcase our main software development fields: development of integrated software ecosystems and artificial intelligence – image recognition.

The Development of Integrated Software Ecosystems

SOFTECH’s integrated software ecosystems services delivered as offshore software development in Romania include:

  • IoT application development
  • cloud application development
  • mobile application development
  • rapid prototyping

These four main capabilities are based on our team experience, technical skills and interests.

Artificial Intelligence – Image Recognition

SOFTECH is one of the providers of AI software development in Romania and currently specializes in the complex data arena, with machine learning systems focused on image recognition technologies and algorithms.

We have been developing software for the color industry, for live broadcasting services and on-demand TV. That is why, the team’s preoccupations for image recognition systems comes as a natural continuation of research endeavors. By now, SOFTECH team members were granted with Gold and Silver Kaggle Awards on the Kaggle’s platform for predictive modelling and analytics competitions.

SOFTECH Experience with Image Recognition Projects covers the following fields:

  • Fishery: SOFTECH team developed on of the algorithms to automatically detect and classify species of fish that fishing boats catch, aiming to accelerate the video review process.
  • Forestry : SOFTECH proposed a set of algorithms to label satellite image chips with atmospheric conditions and various classes of land cover/land use.
  • Sea Working Safety: SOFTECH contributed with a solution for an algorithm that automatically identifies if a remotely sensed target is a ship or an iceberg.
  • Aid for the visually impaired: SOFTECH developed an app that recognizes banknotes for visually impaired people while shopping or checking their own money.
  • Image and Sound Recognition App: a set of apps that help students and curious people recognize different dog breeds by the photo they take, or bird species by the sound they make.


Full-stack development competencies, expertise with complex industrial software development projects, dedicated teams, European business culture and the ability to fine-tune any cooperation describe SOFTECH’s 20 years of cooperation with leading global companies.


  • Systems: IoT, Firmware, Mobile, Cloud, Desktop, Web Applications, Web Services
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Embedded Linux, Android
  • Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin, C/C++, C#, Objective C, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, Swift


  • Native and cross-platform mobile applications
  • Complex industrial software applications


  • IoT: connected workers and devices, intelligent systems, energy production monitoring, communication libraries, smart homes.
  • Data Processing: risk analysis dashboard, data visualization
  • Smart Messaging
  • FinTech

When & Where to find SOFTECH at MWC 2018

Hall 8.0 (8.0I1), Romanian Country Pavilion

Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

Exhibition opening times:

  • Monday, February 26, 09:00 – 19:00
  • Tuesday, February 27, 09:00 – 19:00
  • Wednesday, February 28, 09:00 – 19:00
  • Thursday, March 1, 09:00 – 16:00

Permanent contacts:


SOFTECH, with its tech brand Codespring, is a technology-driven innovative software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca, active on the global market. We offer software development services and nearshoring with special focus on rapid prototyping, mobile development, cloud development, IoT development, Artificial Intelligence, IT Outsourcing.

Cluj-Napoca is the 2nd city of Romania, situated in the heart of Transylvania region. As an elite academic center of the country, hosting 11 universities, enrolling about 100.000 students, Cluj-Napoca displays one of the most colorful cultural city canvas of Eastern Europe and a growing ICT hub.

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