SOFTECH team members joined the more than 70.000 people attending the best technology conference on the planet (according to Forbes) – Web Summit 2018 – the tech entrepreneurship and startup conference. It took place between the 5th and 8th of November in Lisbon, Portugal.

What Was WebSummit 2018 About?

What is so unique about WebSummit is that it gathers tech founders, investors, prime ministers, magazine editors, heads of global companies and garage startups under one single roof! Crowded, yes. Brilliant idea, yes!

What is cool about this friendly conference is the diversity of activities and interactions that it brings together for developers, engineers, CTOs, marketers, investors and mavericks.

24 conference tracks cover extremely broad topics:

  • DeepTech – on the fundamental breakthrough in science and engineering, reshaping our future.
  • FullSTK – the world’s leading developer and data scientist conference.
  • CryptoConf – on bitcoin, block chain, digital cash and volatile cryptocurrency.
  • TalkRobot – the AI and Robotics elite conference.
  • UnBoxed – the consumer-first electronics show.
  • MusicNotes – where you may find out how technology is changing the music landscape.

And many other trcaks, which involve cutting-edge technologies, redefining the way we work, learn and live.  It is a spicy event, which we needed to see.

Bring-at-Home from the WebSummit 2018

As our colleague, Kandó Norbert mentions “The event was really interesting overall. The panel talks, the tech startups pitches, the developer’s stage – everything exposes your mind to a wealth of perspective, technologies and use possibilities. Everyone is determined to engage in reshaping the future of technology in our lifes and here you could feel it each day.”

We use to attend other major technology events in Europe, but this one is one of a kind. The greatest CEO’s are on stage and it makes a powerful statement for the industry members. Evryone is speeking about “change”, about “disruption”, about “innovation” across society. You can feel that something is going on in the core of this event.

Entrepreneurship is the foundation of any great achievement. The pitches on stager reveal the underlying ideas for the next technology steps. Since, back-home, at SOFTECH we believe in self-driven entrepreneurship and we are open to design and work on the latest technology advances, we consider WebSummit achieves its scope of leveraging the startup layer of the tech industry.

WebSummit in A Nutshell

For SOFTECH team, WebSummit 2018 was inspiring, revealing and the right place to meet fellow software developers and engineers. It gave a boost for rethinking our software products and services ideas, in order to be one-step ahead in our fields of expertise.

Looking forward for WebSummit 2019!