SOFTECH’s dog breed identification AI app – Sniff! – has just switched from the prototype stage to its official launch for the Android and iOS users. First displayed at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, the dog identification AI app quickly won its own fans and was set to be available for its target audience: kids and people of all ages willing to learn more about their favorite pet – dogs. Sniff! is both educational and fun, but essentially, it showcases applications of AI technologies and use of deep neural networks.

How Does Sniff! Work?

  • Sniff! dog identification AI app is intuitive and at hand. When you see a dog and you have no clue what breed it may be, just take a picture of the dog and start sniffing in the dog database.
  • Sniff! will retrieve the best matching breeds for the dog you have just photographed. Naturally, the better the quality of the picture, the easier it will be for Sniff! to find the correct dog breed match.
  • When dealing with mixed breed dogs, Sniff dog identifier AI app will fetch those breeds that best match the dog in the photo. You will therefore be able to reconstruct the potential dog breed mix, depending on these matches and other real-observation characteristic of the dog.
  • And the funniest way to use Sniff!, in case you have no dog around, just take a picture of your friend around and the app will come up with a few dog breeds look-a-likes.

Key Features:

  • Sniff! app supports 120 different dog breeds;
  • Sniff! lets you to take a picture, zoom in and focus, or crop the image for more accuracy;
  • Sniff! admits also imported images from your smartphone gallery, too;
  • Sniff! displays relevant information for each dog breed: height, most commonly met coloration of the breed, life span, general characteristics and behavioral aspects;
  • The Sniff! free version is available only in OFFLINE mode

Try Sniff! on Your  Own Smartphone

Sniff! AI app is available for

Sniff! dog breed identifier app is a smarter and funnier way to learn about dogs by using the benefits of artificial intelligence technologies, namely deep learning methods. Sniff! – is inspired from the dogs habit of investigating its surroundings by sniffing around