The 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference powered by Codespring, the tech brand of SOFTECH from Cluj-Napoca was held in an online format during May 21 and May 23. Although it was slightly different from its live format, the conference gathered interested students, their mentors and professors in a collaborative and supportive context.

Key Facts

The projects presented by the students during the 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference were all very interesting and brought new perspective on multiple topics and research areas. 120 projects were submitted, coordinated by 167 mentors and lecturers.

Of our most interest was the two Informatics sections: the section focused in theoretical models, experiments, simulations and mathematics and the second focused on innovative computing technologies and applications.

As previously announced SOFTECH has assigned a few research topics for the students enrolled in the Codespring Mentoring Program. Therefore, we had 7 projects submitted to the 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference and mentored by software engineers and architects from our team.

Hard Work Always Pays Off: The Teams Had Great Results

We were happy to see that our students had quite a good performance in front of the jury and they received good rankings and special mentions, as follows:

Informatics I.: theoretical models, experiments, simulations & mathematics:

  • 1st place – Volumiz3D – Photo Based Volume Estimation Application –students: Bándi and Rudolf, mentored by our colleagues Eszter, Zoltán and Csaba.

Informatics II.: innovative computing technologies and applications:

  • 2nd place – SoulMind: Clergy Database and App – students: István and Alpár, mentored by our collegues Szilárd, Kincső, and Károly;
  • 2nd place – ARMore: Augmented Reality App – student: Erik; Mentors: Levente and Károly
  • 3rd place – Truxi – Cargo and Shipment Application – students: Bernát and Bertalan; Mentors: Anna, Roland, Ákos and Károly;
  • Special mention – DiáknApp – Student Championships Mobile App – students: Norbert, Krisztián and Virág; Mentors: Mátyás, Sándor and Csaba;
  • Special mention – SConES – Student Conference Electronic Submission System – students: Andrea and Tamás. Mentors: Ervin, Barna and Csaba.

In addition, the following students qualified for the National Students Scientific Conference: Nándor and Rudolf, István and Alpár, and Erik.

Congratulations and Applause

Congrats to all the teams for the commitment to submit the work, present and argument the whys and hows. You all did an amazing job, even if this restrictive global pandemic context. Accept the applause and take a bow!