Programming as a Passion in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania

Since SOFTECH is celebrating 20 years of software development for the global market straight from Cluj-Napoca office, we take a moment to understand why we are still doing well on the market. Founded by a team of programmers/ software developers/ software engineers or simply said coders, the essence of the business model was to deliver high quality CODE for specialized software companies and departments. The core team got through the software development market’s changes of the late 90’s due to their passion for programming.

Programming Customers Are Looking for Performance

A key motivation for the software development team in Cluj-Napoca was to code and design complex software solutions. The more difficult the task, the higher the dedication. Customers from Western Europe and US were looking for teams able to reliably develop software products and take advantage of the income gap between the economic regions. For that, SOFTECH team was ready to filter between requests and find future potential partners for software development and new technologies.

From delicate domains like color management and digital color communication, to professional RT and OD video transmissions or knowledge intensive 5D virtual construction solutions, the recent IoT platforms or the latter AI applications, SOFTECH team always updated itself and was out for new challenges.

Being a Programmer at SOFTECH, in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, is an Authentic Experience

It was said before, and we say it again: being a programmer in Cluj-Napoca rocks! Being a programmer at SOFTECH is even better. The team is not out for selling frugal advantages. Instead of that, SOFTECH team is offering an authentic experience where a software engineer can grow professionally and personally. The taste of entrepreneurship is well kept in the team’s DNA. We are still looking for solid technical knowledge base and we consider that the best knows all the brick and mortars of software development.

Since the software development team is out for complex projects and high performance, we are not indulgent with ourselves. Award winning software solutions do not grow over night. The work and passion we put in each project mirrors the results.

Guidelines for Our Future Programmers Colleagues

If it does not move you, it’s not your call. Make sure that your work is keeping your interest high and that it challenges your software development skills. Always care to improve your work style and  keep a track record of your own evolution. Celebrate your achievements with the team.

If it is not excellent, it is not done yet. Take note of all the feedback you can have from the customers, from the users, from the team and other parties.  When the software runs smoothly and has passed all the possible tests,    we may agree that it is done and we take it to the next level.

If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right! During 20 years of software development we took care to always find the fun part in our daily work. It’s not only about the work itself, it is also about how we look at it.

For those who find themselves to fit this profile and adhere to our authentic scenario, feel free to send in your CV at

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