Today SOFTECH team from Cluj-Napoca, Romania is attending the third edition of the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020. Given the general context, it is also the first 100% virtual edition.

About the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020

The Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020  is organized by WKO – The Austrian Economic Chambers, AI Austria and EEN- Enterprise Europe Network. The theme of this year’s conference is Let’s make AI work for your business! Up to this moment, +2300 participants from 81 countries have joined the conference and the B2B sessions. A total of 1081 meetings are already set, and we will see by the end of the day how these numbers will adjust.

52% of the total participants represent the private companies sector involved in the development of AI applications and services, while 15% are your start-ups willing to offer their AI solutions. Government representatives hold 8% of the total attendance, while R&D institutions represent 6% of the participants.

The keynotes are broadcasted live via AAIC2020 platform, the workshops are done via video conference in small groups, companies have their virtual booths and 1:1 business meetings are managed via video conference calls and the matching platform.

SOFTECH at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020  

You are still welcome to set meetings with our key representatives at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 and discuss potential cooperation on AI applications development or AI software integration as follows:

  • Levente Szélyes – CEO, Softech
  • László Barabás – CTO, Softech

In the field of AI development, SOFTECH software development team from Cluj-Napoca, Romania can provide a specific set of services:

  • AI Application Development – Depending on the problem that the AI app should solve, the AI development process includes the use of classifiers and statistical learning methods, artificial neural networks and search algorithms. Our main competencies are in the image recognition and computer vision areas.
  • AI Software Integration – AI software and solutions work best when integrated in your organization’s software ecosystem. SOFTECH can help on integrating discrete AI softwares or apps with your overall system.

Fields of application of AI apps developed with our team:

Education & Training, Environment, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Life Science & Pharmaceuticals, Electrics / Electronics / Mechatronics, Buildings & Facilities, Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Automotive, Consumer & Home, Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Media & Communications, Mobility

Partnership opportunities in the field of AI development

SOFTECH team is looking for strategic partnerships for developing AI Software Solutions serving business organizations or specialized departments.

Cooperation type for AI projects

We are ready to embark on a long-term cooperation for the development of custom AI software solutions and application

AI Expertise

Our competencies reside in the areas of ML (machine learning), Deep Learning Platforms, using ANNs (artificial  neural networks) and CNNs (convolutional neural networks) , classifiers and search algorithms, image recognition and computer vision.

For more details and information feel free to contact us on the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference matching platform or directly via our contact page.