One out of eleven employees works in the IT sector in Cluj-Napoca. The most recent study released for Cluj-Napoca IT market, there are 1235 IT companies in Cluj-Napoca, employing about 14,000 persons – that is the equivalent of 8.7% of the city’s total employees. When counting the total number of free-lance and start-ups, the number of people professionally involved in IT reaches over 20,000 person. – announces on December 15 during the news introduction, the ETV speaker.


The news continue by outlining how the IT sector has grown in Cluj-Napoca compared to the data from 2011. The study released by ARIES Transilvania points out an impressive growth of 75% of the number of Cluj-Napoca IT companies. In the same market report, it is emphasized that the number of IT start-ups in Cluj-Napoca has tripled over the last three years. In the same order of ideas, considering that Romania has about 100,000 IT professionals and 20000 are working in Cluj-Napoca, that automatically places Cluj-Napoca as a 2nd rank IT pole of Romania.

In Cluj-Napoca 1 of 11 employees is working in the IT sector. By extending this to different services provided to private companies, state institutions, NGOs, there is, for sure, at least one employee from the IT sector – like system administrator or any kind of digital solutions provider. Thus, 1 out of 8 employee works in the IT-sector- declares OANA BUZATU – City spokesperson Cluj-Napoca 

ETV (the Hungarian Tranylvanian Television Channel) also contacted SOFTECH, known for its tech brand – Codespring, in order to have an insight opinion about these findings and to explain the phenomenon. Mr. Szélyes, CEO, pointed out that Cluj-Napoca host mostly software service providers. This means that they do not have their own product, but technologically are more advanced than similar companies in the capital city.

At a national level, there is a perceivable advantage for the IT companies in Bucharest: they can faster access government orders, but at a global level, this is a disadvantage. IT companies from Cluj must seek their customers on the global market, therefore the companies from Cluj-Napoca work mainly abroad; while the largest companies form Bucharest operate mainly on the national market. – declares SZÉLYES LEVENTE – CEO, Codespring by SOFTECH, software development company 

ETV also contacted ARIES Transilvania, the local IT-cluster representative. The Executive Director of ARIES Transilvania, Ms. Muntean, emphasized the importance of local Universities for the development of Cluj-Napoca IT sector, since they provide IT companies with specialized human resources.

The biggest challenge for the local IT companies is related to human resources, as there is a huge demand on the market. Companies are bringing important customers, important orders from abroad, but they need more and more well-trained professionals to implement the projects that they have undertaken. – states BIANCA MUNTEAN – Executive Director, ARIES Transilvania

In the end a short incursion in Cluj-Napoca City Hall reveals the municipality’s position and view in relation to the Cluj-Napoca IT sector. The city management believes that the future of Cluj-Napoca is determined by the general urban development and the IT sector, and therefore, an Innovation and IT Consultative Council has been set up, which by March 2018 will have to develop the Innovation and Information Technology Strategy for 2014-2020. More information on this topic, in the upcoming news.

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