There are big changes ahead in what artificial intelligence software is concerned. In the next decade different type of AI based software will be used in daily operations. We already can see AI systems prototypes and trials for some of the most data intensive sectors: finance, investment, aerospace, retail, automotive, logistics, healthcare, oil & gas mining and manufacturing. What triggers software development companies such as SOFTECH from Cluj-Napoca is the type of AI suited for each areas and where should they develop most of their AI skills? Artificial decision-making, natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning or deep learning?

AI in the Finance and Investment Sectors

For those who are at home with the calculation of probability, the comparison between different opportunities, the assessment of potential risks and calculation of various scenarios outcome the benefits of an AI based system are easily perceivable. Machine-assisted investment and financing decisions are likely to be incorporated in the sector. This is why ML (machine learning) and DL (deep learning) tend to attract most of the resources for this economic area.


AI for the Automotive Sector

Due to the dream of the self-driving automated cars, automotive has mostly invested in the computer vision discipline. As several car developers and their specialized software developers are making consistent progress, the ultra-connected cars collect and feed an important amount of data, thus the implementation of DL (deep learning) is on the rise. As a particularity of the automotive sector, we have acknowledged the investment in the strong AI or so called true AI as a tool to help humans in their driving experience.


AI in the Aerospace Sector

While analyzing artificial intelligence developed for the aerospace sector, we discovered that it refers mostly to assist pilots and recognize patterns in data. Therefore, machine reasoning and machine learning attract most of the skills for the aerospace industry. Deep Learning and computer vision are also attracting new investment.


AI to Power up the Retail Sector

End user oriented, retail is likely to be the realm for all AI technologies. Machine reasoning, ML, DL, computer vision, strong AI and natural language processing – all start to be implemented in the omni-channel retail chain.

AI to Refine Healthcare Services

Advanced computer vision systems and ML and machine reasoning technologies are already being developed for the healthcare sector. In the future, it is intended to have strong AI in place to assist the diagnosis and pacient investigations in order to establish the best treatment available.

AI for the Manufacturing Sector

In manufacturing AI is intended to improve quality, improve yield, reduce costs and replace those operations, which are risky for human health. AI has a huge disruptor potential for the manufacturing sector, and investment in ML, DL and computer vision are already visible across the globe.

AI for Logistics Sector

There are a few key indicators in the logistics business where AI can definitely contribute: lead time, regularity, completeness, flexibility, correctness, harmfulness, logistic chain productivity. ML, computer vision and deep learning are the AI areas more likely to be implemented in this sector.


At SOFTECH, we have been working more with ML (machine learning) and computer vision technologies. Due to the intensive spread of IoT systems and the huge amount of data fed in the network, DL – deep learning seems clearly the next step for development. The team is ready to commit to the development of new AI applications in various sectors, since the benefits of AI technologies becomes more clear to various type of stakeholders.