For the next two days, Softech representatives will beattending the virtual Automotive.Buyer&Supplier European Matchmaking Day, originally held in Saarbrücken, Germany.  It is a cross-border matchmaking event organized by the network of the Saarland automotive industry,, and the local Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) aiming to bring together buyers and suppliers of the automotive branch.

The event is carried out in cooperation with the German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME) and benefits of the support of Pôle Automobile Européen (PAE), a cooperation between the automotive clusters of the greater region, made up of the following sub-regions:

  • Germany: Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate
  • France: Lorraine
  • Luxembourg: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Belgium: Wallonia.

Attendees at the Automotive. Buyer &Supplier European Matchmaking Day

A total of 436 participants from 28 countries across the globe are registered by now in the online matching event. The players attending the virtual event are operating in the automotive supply chain, namely:

  • OEMs;
  • Component suppliers;
  • Raw materials and commodities suppliers;
  • Service providers;
  • Research institutes.

SOFTECH has joined the event in order to showcase its relevant software development expertise for the automotive industry. This mainly falls in the following areas: AI app integration, infotainment, navigation, IoT applications, custom software applications for car connectivity.

Due to the legacy car manufacturing industry in Romania and Turkey, we have noticed an impressive presence of Romanian and Turkish counterparts at this event. They are in the top attendance rank along with Germany who is definitely leading the event.

The Pivotal Points of The Event

This year the Automotive.Buyer & Supplier European Matchmaking Day is open for companies from the following areas of activity:

  • Material manufacture and processing;
  • Synthetic, textile and rubber processing;
  • Stamping technology, pressing technology, tool construction;
  • Production, CNC, cutting;
  • System, special machine and device construction;
  • Software, IT;
  • Engineering, design, measuring technology, sensors;
  • New Mobility.

2020 PRODPILOT Grand Prix

Today, in the afternoon of 30.11.2020 the PRODPILOT Grand Prix winner will be awarded by the PRODPILOT consortium. In this competition, a company from each of the five sub-regions of the Greater Region is nominated in order to receive an award for its productivity project. Innovative projects that increase productivity within the company and thus contribute to securing the location and the economic success of the company in the future are particularly nominated.

Get In Touch With SOFTECH Team

Should you be interested about developing a cooperation for software development with our company based in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania please feel free to set a meeting with us via the matching platform:


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