In spite of the virus outbreak this year, SOFTECH team is proud for having delivered once again a beautiful Codespring Summer Internship program. Already a tradition, the 2020 summer internship enrolled students from various university departments assisted by mentors from our company across real software development projects. We thank our partner universities: Babeș-Bolyai University, The Technical University from Cluj-Napoca and Sapientia University Targu Mures for being open to cooperation.

2020 Summer Internship Facts

As scheduled, the summer internship started in July and ended in September 2020. The classes and actual work were delivered exclusively online. And yes, it was more difficult this year than in previous ones to create the energetic atmosphere remotely, but the enthusiasm and dedication of the students involved in the program was fantastic!

  • 18 students from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th  university years, as well as post-university studies attended the program.
  • They were mentored by 21 mentors who led the projects across 9 application development projects.
  • The languages that the students got to work with were JS,  TypeScript, Kotlin, Java, Obj C/Swift and Python. They practiced actual development under the NET, NodeJs, React, React Native, Android, iOS, Angular and Spring frameworks.
  • The 9 internship software development projects were finally presented in September for our entire team via teleconference. On this occasion the students also tested their presentation and public speaking skills.

Feedback From Our Mentees

The feedback from both students and mentors is rewarding. One of the recurring topics is the excellent cooperation between mentors and mentees. Of course we already know our colleagues are great, but when we hear from other people it is even better!

The second recurring feedback is that students enjoyed to take ownership for their work and feel they are actually working as an independent project team while the mentor is there jut to guide and provide support.

The third commonly recognized benefit of the summer internship program, was that the entire program challenged the students with a wealthy range of technologies.

Final Notes

Considering the overall context in Romania and Europe, we are grateful that we could organize this year too the Codespring Summer Internship program, which is now entering its 10 years of existence.

We officially congratulate both the students and the mentors for their exceptional work! We also thank the partner Universities for encouraging their IT, Computer Science and Mathematics students to enroll in this program.

Stay tuned for more geeky updates!